Jmail is a UUCP local mail server application with a new concept. It provides internal and external e-mail facility for your employees. Making use of UUCP (inbound) and SMTP (outbound) features for fast and efficient deliver of e-mail, Jmail provides a low cost e-mail solution for your organisation. Add, remove e-mail address at any time. You can continue using your favorite e-mail client applications - Eudora, Pegasus Mail, Outlook Express or any other POP3/SMTP compatible client .....


  • Urgent mail may be delivered immediately to your ISP with the Priority feature.
  • Remote commands allows you to change passwords, change or activate forwarding and other functions simply by sending an E-mail to Jmail.
  • Mailboxes may have an auto-reply message and the auto-reply message may also contain attachments.
  • Automatically forward mail to 10 email addresses, keeping a copy of the forwarded mail. You can even use the auto-reply feature with forwarding turned on.
  • Connect to remote hosts via TCP/IP, using PPP via modem, ISDN or leased line.
  • Automatically retrieve mail from external POP3 servers using Auto-MultiPOP3 and place them into your Jmail mailbox.
  • View mail delivery activity.
  • Very easy to install and administer.



Supported E-mail client software

  • Netscape Navigator
  • Microsoft Exchange (Microsoft messaging)
  • Microsoft Outlook/Express
  • Eudora Light and Pro up to V4.1
  • Pegasus Mail




digitaleye DigitalEye




mdisplay Message Display
diskguard DiskGuard


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