Digital Video Recorder (DVR)


DigitalEye is a Digital Video Security System digitizing, compressive saving, retrieving and generating output image information from CCTV camera.

Also, DigitalEye is Digital Security system of next generation improving strong point and significantly complementing defects of exiting analog CCTV.


  • Surveillance Method : Synchronous surveillance at Max 16 place on to 1 PC Monitor.
  • Surveillance Range : locally surveillance and recording with playback, locally P/T/Z control & remote P/T/Z control via LAN, ISDN, remote Monitoring and playback recorded image data via LAN, ISDN, PSTN.
  • Storage Media : Digital image recorded on Hard disk , MO-disk, DVD-RAM Disk, DAT 4mm
  • High quality, Secure Digital Video Recording : High quality digital images.
  • S/W Motion Detection : Can be set only record with Motion detected by S/W.
  • Recording Schedule : Scheduling by camera and time, date
  • Maintenance : Ease, Flexible, repeat recording by itself, No tape, or change VCR heads.


  • Bank/Financial institution : Security for Surveillance of Exit & Entrance, Cash Transaction part, Auto cash Drawing machine, Safe cash strong box 
  • Production Factory : Surveillance for production control, Warehouse, machine Operation 
  • Construction : Control of construction field and Material warehouse, analysis of gratuitous
  • Distribution Enterprises : Surveillance for counter, Store, Delivery of goods from warehouse, Anti-victim of robbery, Customerís control. etc 
  • Hotel : Surveillance for Lobby, Floor, Elevator, Parking area. etc 
  • School Education : Schoolís Broadcasting, Study & exercise by V.T.R, In-service training institute, Research and science institute, Language School, etc
  • Conference of convention room : Actual condition record, Simultaneous interpretation. Surveillance for center control room
  • Transportation equipment : Airport, Train station, Highway toll gate. 
  • Others : military facilities, Hospitals Facilities, Warehouse, Laboratories.




digitaleye DigitalEye




mdisplay Message Display
diskguard DiskGuard


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